Over the years business has evolved and its not just salesmen that have a requirement to be constantly connected. A smashed screen can severely impact your productivity leaving you, before now, with only two options; to call upon your mobile provider and arrange a replacement or to go through your insurance and let us assist you with a claim to repair your screen. Having an employee or colleague without his/hers mobile phone is detrimental to anyone’s business and as the saying goes, time usually means money. With our service we can be with you within hours resulting in next to no downtime, saving you the time of going to a local mobile phone repair shop and getting business back to the well oiled machine it was before. Whether its a known brand or unknown screen repair we are always ready to take on new SA based businesses so call us today.

Any device booked in to us should be collected within 3 Months. We are not liable after that as our job is to replace screens within 15 - 30 Minutes. 
- Matimba Mabunda

The Screen Team are the number one provider of home  / house call mobile  screen repairs throughout SA. Specialising in Known brands and unknown brands and repaired in under 30 minutes at your door step.

We are not liable to any data loss on any of the devices, our duty is to replace screens only.
- Matimba Mabunda
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